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Hosting a corporate event can be a difficult task. Considering big things like the venue, the caterer, the gift, and the DJ, can feel like an impossible task, let alone all of the smaller details like centerpieces, chairs, contingencies, invitations, and so on. As such, many businesses rely on corporate event planners to do the heavy lifting and help cut costs. And while most event planners will be worth every penny, you want to be sure you got the right one for your needs. With that in mind, here are 4 things to consider when hiring a corporate event planner.

  1. Experience – In the world of event planning, experience matters. The reason is that this experience should equate to better contacts, which means you will have more selection at a better price. In addition, no matter what goes wrong while planning the event, the planner has probably seen it before and will know how to handle the situation. If you are going to hire an event planner, don’t skimp on the cost to go with someone less seasoned. That move will usually cost you more money in the long run.
  2. What is Included – When you are talking costs, you want to understand if there is a flat-fee or if the fee is dependent upon an hourly rate, a per-person charge, or a percent of the total cost. You also want to know if that fee includes everything, or if there will be additional costs for travel, additional staff needed, etc. Finally, what will they be doing? Do they only help with the big picture items, or will they be planning every small detail? Establishing what is and is not covered in the fee upfront will save you headaches in the long run.
  3. Reputation – I don’t care if an event planner has 30 years of experience hosting events exactly like the one you are hosting in exactly the location where you want to be, if they have a bad reputation, you should not hire them. Reputation is very important, as the experience of previous clients will likely be your experience. Do not hire someone who is known to be difficult to get ahold of, flaky, or rude. Reading reviews online, speaking to references, and reaching out to people you know who have hired planners in the past will help in determining if a specific event planner is right for you.
  4. Who Will you be Working With – Find out if the planner you met is actually who you will be working with. Many planners will bait and switch you, leaving you to work with an underpaid, overworked junior staff member. Make sure you will be working with the person you hire, and not a “team,” because that team may not have the expertise you need.

By following these tips as you interview corporate event planners, you will increase your chances of finding someone who will help make your event memorable while keeping your costs under control.

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